Universities of Assam

Total Number of Universities in Assam: State University 1.Gauhati University, Guwahati 2.Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh 3.K.K. Handique Open University, Guwahati 4.Kumar Bhaskar Sanskrit University, Guwahati 5.Cotton College State University, Guwahati 6.Srimanta Sankardeva University of Health Sciences, Guwahati 7.Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat 8.Assam Women's University, Jorhat 9.Assam Rajeev Gandhi University of Cooperative Management, Shivasagar 10.Bodoland University, Kokrajhar 11.Assam Science and Technology University, Guwahati: <b>Central University 12.Assam University, Silchar 13.Tezpur University, Tezpur: Private University 14.Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati 15.Assam Down Town University, Guwahati 16.Kaziranga University, Golaghat

National Seminar on Folk Culture, Folk Artisan

Vivekananda College, Alipurduar, West Bengal organising national seminar on Folk Culture, Folk Artisan of North East India. For Details visit college website or www.basyaindia.org

My Professional Goal

History is what interests me the most and I have been into learning the same since my school days. I’ve always had a passion towards getting to know the past including people, culture, geography and above all human civilization. This passion for the past has brought me up to the M.Phil stage in History. Down the line, I see myself as an academician; for teaching is the chosen profession for me and getting into the same field best helps me to work for and contribute to the upliftment of society. Also I sustain a strong interest in academic research which is of crucial importance in the growth of a student with academic excellence.

My Area of Specialised Interest of Research

Global environmental concerns have of late led some historians to study the environmental aspect of human societies thus making environmental history a developing field of historical enquiry. Improvement in the quality and quantity of data documenting along with established techniques, such as geomorphology and chemical and physical dating have enabled researchers to ask complex questions regarding how nature changes human life and activity, and how human beings alter environment. Environmental history also leads the subject closer to disciplines like Economics, Anthropology, Art, Religion, Literature and Geography. I find this new multi-disciplinary field of study extremely interesting and stimulating. My area of interest for research is the environmental history of Assam. Situated in the north-eastern part of India, Assam has always been known for her nature. The hills, rivers, and forests, besides enhancing the beauty of the land, contain diverse flora and fauna, some of which are rare in the world. Also, Assam is inhabited by people of different tribes/races. It is called a mini-museum of ethnic groups. A critical study of man-nature relationship not only for knowing different aspects of Assam’s medieval past, but also to understand those in contemporary Assam seems promising. I believe my researches on the environmental history of Assam will surely open doors for many further research/endeavours in this newly emerging critical filed. Moreover, it will enable us to know about the conservation method of our ancestors and their prudence for nature.
Me...in an International Seminar on " Environmental History of North East India" organised by the Dept. of History, Assam University, Silchar. Topic of my paper was "Man, Nature, and State in Pre-Colonial Cachar"

Medieval rulers and their religions

There has been lot of debate weather the Muslim rulers of medieval India were communal or not. Being a student of history I have the feeling for long time to share my knowledge with fellow citizens and clarify their doubts. We have very wrong notion about historicity. We very often tend to affiliate the religion of the rulers with nature of the state. In this write up I will place some examples about the neutral stand of the medieval rulers. 1. Sultan Jalauddin Khilji (1290-96)was a pious Muslim. But he never mistreated his non Muslim subjects. He considered as unrealistic a policy of forcible conversion of the Hindus or their humiliation, as demanded by theologians. In a discussion with his close associate, Ahmed Chap, he defended the policy of allowing Hindus to worship idols, preach their beliefs, and observe practices which were the hall-mark of infidelity. Thus, they were not, hindered in passing in processions outside his palace, beating drums, and to go to the Jamuna for immersing their images. Likewise, the Hindus were allowed to live a life of ease and splendour and honour even at Delhi, the centre of Islam. According to him, while by a policy of terror, fear of the government and its prestige could be established in the hearts of the people for a short time, it would mean discarding (true) Islam, or, as was said, "it would mean "discarding Islam from the hearts of the people like discarding hair while kneading dough" (p. 76 Satish Chandra)

New Karimganj Railway Junction

Recently, Mr. Lalit Mohan Shuklabaidya, MP, Karimganj announced that a new Broad Gauge Junction will be established at Mubarakpur in the sub-urban of Karimganj Town, which is only two Kilometers away from the present Karimganj Junction. This is a welcome decision from the railway authority to establish a new station in the sub-urb of the town. The establishment of new station will falicitate trains going towards Tripura to reduce their time. These trains will not have to waste almost one hour at the present junction where it has to change the direction of its engine. So trains can directly by pass the Karimganj Town. The new junction will reduce the traffic problems of Karimganj town. Traffic jam at Patherkandi Bus Stand Railway crossing is a regular phenomenon because of the shuttling of railway engines. The most important positive site of this new junction will be the expansion of Karimganj town in the eastern direction. The towns need to be augmented because of the beautification and commercial needs. Years after year government offices, educational institutions, everything are packed in the already congested spaces of the town. I heard from many old timers and even myself is the witness of neat and clean town image of Karimganj Town. Hope with the shifting of railway junction to Mubarakpur the passenger auto services will be increased and steps will be taken to decrease peoples hardship in reaching new junction. Wish..we will see NEW KARIMGANJ like NEW JALPAIGURI, NEW BONGAIGAON, etc. Let us we should support the cause.

The pathetic conditions of the roads in Barak Valley

Road Condition in Karimganj

The poor condition of the Poamara-Kaliganj Road. This road connects the district headquarter Karimganj with the sub-urban area Kaliganj

The Death of Bijoy Kumar Bhuyan Left a permanent wound in my heart.

With the passing away of Bijoy Kumar Bhuyan, I lost a great academic friend of mine. Mr Bhuyan was a unforgetable source of encouragement. I am very upset over his death. He was a genuine lover and patron of historical studies. Whenever I met him, he used to encourage me for further work on Assam. The last time when I visited his home at Guwahati he was not fully well but I never thought he will leave so soon. Here below I am showing one of his mail that that he sent to me.

Dear Bazlur,

I am glad to find your interest in Assam History and hope that you continue your interest with research even at Post Doctoral level If the past rich histrory of Assam is not unearthed and brought to the notice of the fellow co8untry men who would do.

You have the copy of Tarikh-e-Aasham, please refer to Appendix-VII second para- quote :
...tjhere will be men all over the world to expound the mysticism of the Sufi poets, or
delineate the scholarly zeal of the Abbasaids, but who will exert the pat history of
Assam except her own childre?

You wanted a copy of Dr Nirode K. Barooah's DAVID SOTT in N E India. Having seen your
interest in the book and Assam history as a token of my appreciation and encouragement to you I have
made a copy of the book for you to keep as gift. Others at JNU can have its access through you if a copy is not in JNU library. Please send your mailing address I shall send it to you. You will be pleased to learn that
Dr Barooah is revising the book , which is expected to be completed by November. Hopefully,
a new edition will be available in near future. Dr Barooah informed me today. By a cc I am informing him also.

When you are next in Guwahati you are welcome to use the collection of Dr Bhuyan at my reidence , it
has all his published books, vast collection ond correspondences, files, records, personal journals, diaries, manuscripts etc.

B K Bhuyan

30 Dr S K Bhuyan Road, Guwahati 781001, +919435043717